Hello world!

So guys!

After a long discussion in my head (that went on for about a month), I finally decided to blog my travels!



About myself, I am Nisha, a 20-something (alright alright, it is 27) happy-go-lucky girl. As the title probably gave that up but I am a computer science engineer. Or better, I was. I decided to move to neuroscience because tampering artificial brain was not cool enough. I needed actual human brains! Not in zombie style though. just Slide-into-fMRI and I-know-what-you-are-seeing types! I am doing my PhD right now (I know! I know! I am one of those! Please excuse my occasional nerd references in future posts) at LMU Munich, Germany. Apart from traveling, I like reading and eating (Is that a hobby yet?).



Why travel?

I have been traveling frequently from last three years (which is when I moved to Germany). Soon I realized it is much easier to travel here between countries due to my German residence permit. I like visiting new places, eating new food (although I am thoroughly dedicated to Indian and Italian food). I love walking around the cities. So, Why not!

Travel style?

I follow lots of travel blogs and find my next destinations accordingly. Being a student, cost of travel is also a consideration. I travel mostly with my boyfriend-turned-husband, sometimes with friends and sometimes alone (mostly for research conferences or summer schools (Who doesn’t like paid travels :D)). I am in for every kind of accommodation, be it resorts, hotel, hostel or AirBnB (my new favorite!). I always thought I am more of a beach person, but my decision to go to Iceland for a change, changed that a lot! I think I like everything: Beaches, mountains, busy cities, shopping streets, beautiful sunsets (too lazy for sunrises). I mostly have a to-do or to-see list for every city I am going to, but there are days when I want to escape all the plans and just take a walk in random areas of the city. Don’t underestimate what might surprise you!

Why bother blogging?

I never thought I will. I am not a very creative or artistic person. I will try my best to upload nice articles and beautiful pictures make your traveling decisions easier. But my piscean instinct (Hell yeah! I believe in it :D) is telling me: Let’s do it! So, here I am. Spread the word. I hope this is just the first post of many more to come.

PS : Just as a hint: Next post will probably be about Iceland!